harroweve 2

[Long description: A string of doodles. In the first, Jesse sets a reassuring hand on Redmond's shoulder, as she walks her along.

Jesse: They've set up a haunted house in the church.

Scared? Don't worry, I'll protect you.

In the second, the False Coyote jumps out at them, face midway shifted into her more formidable shape.

False Coyote: BLAH!

Jesse is nonchalant as ever.

Jesse: Kai!

But Redmond reflexively winds up to sock her in the face.

In the last doodle, the False Coyote nurses her bloodied nose on the floor. Redmond covers her mouth, a little aghast, while Jesse dabs the blood off with a handkerchief. ]

July 6, 2019

Whether haunted houses exist in Moribund is a question I didn't think I'd be asking, but anyway: the False Coyote also gets decked.

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