[Long description: Redmond finds herself in the thick of Hell's Gate's Harroweve festivities. Everyone around her wears a mask, dressed in elaborate costumes of spirits, monsters, heroes of old. The only ones who aren't are her and the reverend, who approaches her from out of the crowd.

Jesse: Ms. Faraday! You made it!

Redmond: I wasn't going to, but Kai said there would be cider...

Redmond puffs up her chest as the reverend takes her place beside her.

Redmond: This used to be a perfectly respectable holy day, you know. Now you've gone and bastardized it with this mask nonsense.

She shoots the reverend a scrutinizing eye.

Redmond: What are you, anyway? You said you'd dress up.

The reverend is in uncharacteristically cheeky humor.

Jesse: I'm surprised you don't recognize me.

She smiles at Redmond.

Jesse: I'm the devil. ]

July 6, 2019

Harroweve is my shameless port of Halloween into Moribund. (that's probably where Jesse and Redmond's story is headed, to nobody's surprise.) It's actually kinda only the same in name, but at its core it is still an annual excuse to dress up as something fun.

it's also the second occasion on which jesse gets decked.

Continued here.