egg 2

[Long description: Redmond joins Jesse, the 'morning after.' The reverend is cooking eggs, and making a mess of it, so Redmond assigns herself the role of 'head cook' and walks her through it.

Redmond: Ah--

You broke the yolk...

Redmond holds Jesse's wrist, and then takes the spatula from her, salvaging the fried egg as best she can. The reverend watches attentively.

Jesse: Does that surprise you?

Redmond thinks about that.

Redmond: I don't know? You're just so well put-together, I thought...

Jesse slips into her usual habits; that mistake only seems to reinforce her impeccable facade, somehow.

Jesse: Even those with the best intentions can be made cruel by inexperience. I have a lot to learn.

Redmond just stares at her.

Redmond: How did you turn frying an egg into a teachable moment

Jesse: let's try that again...]

June 13, 2019

not pictured: Jesse spending the rest of the morning running the hens dry and making entirely too many omelets in pursuit of the Perfect sunny-side up.

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