[Long description: a sketch sheet of the reverend, mostly. She lays in a field with a stalk of whetrice between her teeth, wallows naked in the river, etc. At some point Redmond pulls Jesse's hair out of its characteristic ponytail, revealing something of a ponytail mullet.

Redmond: What is this.

In another vignette, Redmond groggily descends from the chapel attic, half-dressed and rubbing her eye.

Redmond: do you usually get up at ass o'clock to make eggs for your one night stands or

Jesse is a little further along in her morning routine, save for her bedhead. She holds a skillet in one hand.

Jesse: No, ma'am, this is a first for me too.

The one night stand, not the eggs... ]

June 13, 2019

i'm not sure if Redmond or the reverend can make a better fried egg 🤔

Continued here.