chicks dig

[Long description: The Reverend and the False Coyote find a quiet moment together, outside of Hell's Gate. The False Coyote slings an arm around the Reverend, and levels with her.

The False Coyote: It's good to see you feeling an emotion for once in your life, but you're overthinking this.

What you need to do is let loose and adopt some sort of primal form.

You wanna know what Ms. Faraday asked me, not the night after she saw my true face? "Does the Reverend do that too?"

The False Coyote waves a hand, recounting the monstrous flights of imagination Redmond's mind took. But Jesse is skeptical at best.

Jesse: You're a good friend, Cai, and I value your insight. But I don't think that would be wise...

The Coyote balls her hands into giddy fists.

The False Coyote: Listen to me. Chicks eat that shit UP. ]

June 7, 2019

don't you just want to go ape shitt -- The False Coyote, probably

Anyway. The exchange the Coyote is refering to is here :^>