Content Warning:

Microaggressions against a fictional class of people.

Situation, pg. 3

[Long description: MarkOS assumes a stiff, military-esque stance with his hands behind his back. The other two follow suit—Chief gets out of her seat to face him, and the R.A. folds her hands over her knees politely.

MarkOS: Transmission_Begin.

A stranger uses MarkOS’s body to speak:

???: Chief! My favorite guinea pig. Long time no see!

The Chief doesn’t look particularly happy to see her. The R.A. sits stock still, trying not to draw attention to herself.

???: A-Ahh, and who’s this? One of the locals?

The stranger flashes her hands, and MarkOS mirrors the motion. She draws in close for a better look at the R.A.

???: How quaint! Didn’t realize we were taking ferals these days.

A crack forms in the R.A.’s stiff veneer. She struggles to hide it, lower lip wobbling.]

Situation, pg. 3

April 17, 2022

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It's bad in here, dude.