Situation, pg. 15

[Long description: The R.A. gets down on her hands and knees and lies on her side, wheeze-laughing the whole way down.

Chief: Are you ok?

The R.A. wraps her arms tightly around herself. A puddle of tears forms beneath her.

R.A.: Haha… Haaaa… I feel like I’m gonna throw up…

The other two gaze down at the woman, more than a little bit concerned. MarkOS looks up at the Chief for help, whispering:

MarkOS: Sir, what is she…?

Chief: She appears to be laughing and stress-crying simultaneously.

The R.A. mumbles a long string of “Ohhhh god”’s into the floor. She drags her hands down her face in equal parts dread and shame.]

Situation, pg. 15

April 17, 2022

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truly what's worse. getting your boss written up or breaking down in front of her after the fact. on camera