Situation, pg. 14

[Long description: MarkOS cradles his head tenderly. The Chief and the R.A. refuse to look at him or each other.

MarkOS: Sooo… How’d it go?

The R.A. chokes. She covers her mouth, off-hand clutching her wrist as she trembles, slightly.


The R.A. doubles over, cackling to the point of tears.

MarkOS: Oh! It’s nice when meetings with the boss go well :)

The Chief isn’t so convinced. The R.A. slumps down on her elbows against the divider, wheezing out laughter. She catches her breath as she sinks to the floor, smiling a little unhingedly at the two of them.

She stuffs her face in her hands and screams into her palms.]

Situation, pg. 14

April 17, 2022

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