Situation, pg. 13

[Long description: Gathering her last shred of composure, the Chronicler has MarkOS point an accusatory finger at the Chief.

Chronicler: I’m redacting your report from the record. In the future, I’d appreciate it if you could keep speculative comments to yourself.

It’s hard to say if the Chief is even listening. She scratches her neck, glancing away at something.

Chronicler: Oh, and look forward to a word with the Legate.

The Chief watches the R.A. out of the corner of her eye. The R.A.’s glasses hide her eyes, and she covers her mouth with her hand, but even still she can’t hide her strained expression.

Chronicler: Good DAY.

The transmission cuts out. MarkOS regains his senses, looking a little dizzy.

MarkOS: Transmission_End. Ouh.]

Situation, pg. 13

April 17, 2022

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