Situation, pg. 1

[Long description: The comic opens with a rift in an ashblown wasteland. It forms a great spine through the landscape, blasted walls curling like ribs over one another. The wreck of a tank shambles along the edge, inner workings exposed to reveal amorphous lumps of organic tissue that have fused with the machine’s innards, apparently compelling it to move. It is accompanied by a squad of soldiers in power armor, who have suffered a similar fate—part armor, part ambling flesh. They’re apparently searching for something, or someone.

In the shadow of the rift hides an aircraft. It looks sort of like a cross between a helicopter and a jet, but with much chunkier armor. From inside the craft, someone speaks:

R.A.: What’s better than this!

The frame pulls into the cockpit of the aircraft. Piloting the craft is a soldier who’s built like a brick wall. Her much twiggier research assistant sprawls across the divider, kicking off her boots.

R.A.: Just you, me, the shambling husks of your fallen comrades…

The frame pulls out for a better look at the cockpit. The R.A. makes a brittle smile at the camera and indicates the figure next to her, MarkOS. He’s a rangy construct with a respirator and hooded cloak concealing his features, carrying a formidable-looking rifle in his mechanical hands.

R.A.: And the surveillance unit that the empire uses to monitor our every movement.

MarkOS: :)

He waves bashfully.

MarkOS: I do my best ^^;

The R.A. loses the façade.

R.A.: At least pretend to be insulted, dude.

Before MarkOS can respond, something in him short circuits with a loud KKSHAPP. The R.A. blanches.]

Situation, pg. 1

April 17, 2022

Content warnings:
Depictions of war, microaggressions against a fictional class of people, abuse of power, mind control (i.e. there’s a robot guy who’s used as a cellphone against his best interests.)

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The R.A. gets stuck in a locked room with both of her bosses. There are some... managerial disputes. Or: “sorry for getting you written up! I am so stressed out I am going to throw up. Also I have developed feelings for you.”

Wheeze. I promise all this wasn’t on my 2022 bingo but… here we are. As usual, please heed the warnings, but also know that I interact with the tone of ~WH40K (or whatever this is) like the comically overwrought thing it is.

Speaking of warnings I never thought I’d have to put on my work, have I ever told y’all how much I hate mind control as a trope? Blech.