eyes, pg. 5

[Long description: The Chief looks down at the R.A. like she’s truly seeing her for the first time.

Chief: You tried to--?

But the R.A. just continues, as if she hadn’t heard her. She raises a small craft knife to the cable.

R.A.: But if I ever get in, like, WOW!! How scary!

She cuts it open. Her lips curl back over her teeth, and it’s hard to say if it’s the snarl of a cornered animal or an unhinged grin. Either way, the Chief receives the message all the same.

R.A.: That’s your arm and brain and central nervous system!! And probably some other stuff I don’t even know about!

The Chief just stands there, stiff and silent. The R.A. takes off her glasses and examines them. She softens somewhat.

R.A.: And that million-to-one chance is way scarier to me than losing my glasses. No offense, Chief.]

eyes, pg. 5

April 8, 2022

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threat level reassessed

A scribble of the Chief thinking very very very very hard. On one side of her thought bubble is a meter labelled 'Previous threat level,' with the R.A.'s bubbly face next to it. Almost nothing registers in the meter. On the other side is a meter labelled 'Revised threat level.' The meter is completely full and the R.A. looks appropriately unhinged.

Anyway. Thanks for coming on this goofy journey with me! I'm, uh, gonna go to sleep now. Snzzzzzz.