eyes, pg. 4

[Long description: The R.A. collapses back into her seat and applies herself with a vengeance to the mechanical leg.

R.A.: I just don’t like the idea of some schmuck with a signal jammer trying to get into my eyeballs, y’know? I work with this stuff enough, I know how fragile it is.

For her part, the Chief does the closest thing to comforting she’s capable of.

Chief: Flesh is more fragile. Besides, the chances of that are infinitesimally low.

The R.A. slumps down on her elbows, plugging two huge cables together and glowering at them a little defeatedly.

R.A.: Probably. I mean, even I haven’t figured out how to crack into Imperial tech, yet.

The Chief’s eyes widen.]

eyes, pg. 4

April 8, 2022

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casual blasphemy in the biomechanics lab tonight