Chief but bigger

[Long description: Sketches of the Chief in various stages of transformation. The leftmost is Chief at rest; she’s a brick wall of a woman with broad shoulders, unusually long, black hair, and an armored prosthetic arm.

The middle sketch is a transition state between her human form and monster-y form. She becomes even taller and more top-heavy, with longer arms and digitigrade feet. She also gets pretty fuzzy—her hair becomes long and moppy, trailing down her back to the beginnings of a stumpy tail. Body hair grows into full-on fur on her arms and legs, and nails grow into talons on her right arm. Her face is masked by a gas mask, which looks a little bit more like a muzzle, right now.

The rightmost is a fully monstered-out Chief. She has something like a full-body horse’s mane now, with hair growing in a continuous line from her scalp to her spine to the tip of her large, possum-like tail, which is unfurred on the underside. The tail counterbalances her extremely top-heavy frame and huge claws. Her face is shown in this drawing. It’s hard to pin down, like a human head stretched out into a muzzle, with a sort of gorgonopsid-lookin’ puppy mouth. Her eyes are shadowed by her long hair, with only her pupils visible as two white dots.]

Chief but bigger

May 10, 2022

EauuuuauaauUUuauuuu I’m out of control. Realized I’ve drawn a lot of chiefs, but only like two chiefs in crittermode. So, this is that.

I don’t know that I have a lot to say about it….?! I guess there’s mechanics. She can go back and forth between shapes, and can middle anywhere on the spectrum rather than just one end or the other. Emotions are a big factor in triggering the change—namely ones that she never had the chance to experience or regulate in their most extreme forms, like fear and joy (the ‘perks’ of being a genetically-engineered supersoldier.) It becomes increasingly difficult to talk the more changed she gets, but she picks up a form of sign language from the R.A. that she uses while shifted.

I don’t know what the situation on clothes is (i.e. whether they are assimilated or annihilated in the act of changing) and I’m trying not to worry about it. What’s worse? chewing through new shirts every other week or   flesh clothes

Not shown are the neural cables that attach to the ports on her spine and neck, which become appropriated into extra appendages when they fill with tendon and muscle and stuff. Flesh tubes. Don’t think about it too hard.