Content Warning:

Sexual themes, anxiety and overstimulation.

Break, pg. 5

[Long description: It’s just a little bit too much—the R.A.’s strong arms on her back, her legs splayed out over her lap, straddling her knee. The Chief squeezes her eyes shut, struggling to keep her composure.

When she opens them, the R.A. is touching her jaw. Their faces are perilously close. The Chief quails under her touch, but the R.A. doesn’t notice. She leans in to kiss the Chief.

The Chief cries out. “Wait—”

The R.A. realizes her error. The Chief’s lips curl back around a jaw full of jagged fangs. Her muzzle is elongated, slightly, her nose and undereyes wrinkled with panic.]

Break, pg. 5

May 18, 2022

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