Break, pg. 2

[Long description: The Chief is a little bit irritated at being interrupted, but this apparently isn’t unusual behavior to her. What does catch her off guard is what the R.A. does next— She claps her hands on the Chief’s shoulder, and pushes the woman down into a sit on a tiny stool.

The R.A. pulls up an overturned bucket and takes a seat on it, across from the Chief. The Chief’s face reddens. She squints at the R.A. dubiously, as the woman grabs her hand and pulls it into her lap.

“Um,” The Chief says.

The R.A. turns the Chief’s hand over in her lap, so that the palm is facing up. She cradles it in both hands, and starts massaging her wrist.

“How do you like that?” The R.A. asks, not a little cockily.

The Chief is transfixed. She nods, dazed.]

Break, pg. 2

May 18, 2022

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