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Blood, injury.

Break, pg. 12

[Long description: The Chief hesitantly strokes the back of the R.A.’s head, her ponytail fanning out between her claws. The R.A. looks up at her with renewed intensity.

“This is nothing,” She says. “You were a lot scarier as a soldier.”

The Chief just looks down at her, every bit as hollow-eyed as the traumatized Imperial soldier that the R.A. first met so long ago. In that moment, it’s hard to tell reality from memory; the blood-stained soldier reaches out to comfort her wounded subordinate, but the memory of the R.A. only looks up at her in fear.

The Chief recoils from the memory, pulling herself back into reality. The R.A. clutches her arm in sympathy. The Chief withdraws.

The R.A. follows her. She bolts forward, burying her face in the Chief’s neck and wrapping her arms around her thick mane of fur. The Chief is taken aback. She hesitates, for a moment, not sure what to do. The R.A. just holds her.

Chief reciprocates in kind, wrapping her huge arms around the woman.]

Break, pg. 12

May 18, 2022

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thanks to snoodls for co-conspiring the zinger one-liner.