Armor, pg. 7

[Long description: The comic transitions with a shot of the Chief’s armor laying on the floor, discarded. The sound of coughing echoes through the freight container.

The R.A. sits on the floor, covering her mouth as she coughs. She’s dressed down to her undershirt, with the upper half of her jumpsuit tied around her waist. The Chief kneels down beside her. She offers the R.A. her gas mask in the next frame.

“Here,” She says.

“Thanks,” The R.A. says.

The Chief takes a seat. She’s dressed down, too, wearing only a tank top and her armored greaves.

“So. How did you do that?” She asks.

“Oh,” The R.A. glances away while she puts the gas mask on. She ties her hair up and buckles the mask’s strap underneath it. “Um. Well…”

“It’s an old ashrunner trick,” She says.

“Ashrunner?” The Chief asks.

“People who travel out here,” The R.A. says. The panel fades into a vision of the wasteland. Someone’s footprints meander through the ash.]

Armor, pg. 7

May 7, 2022

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