Armor, pg. 6

[Long description: …And the monster takes pause. The R.A. is terrified, but she stands defiantly with her back pressed to the Chief’s breastplate, arms and flag outstretched.

The monster looms over the two of them, drawing closer and closer. Their features are easier to make out from this angle—their nose and lips are uncannily human, but their face is elongated, and their huge jaws split open their cheeks to create heavy jowls.

The Chief’s gun hovers perilously close to the monster’s face. She doesn’t make a move, except to slip her gauntlet protectively between the R.A. and the monster.

The beast reaches out and touches the flag. They hover there for a moment, before nosing around at it and sniffing it. They let out a heavy snort, and, apparently satisfied, they withdraw from the freight container.

The Chief and the R.A. just watch, awestruck.]

Armor, pg. 6

May 7, 2022

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