Armor, pg. 4

[Long description: The R.A. rips off her goggles and gestures wildly at the Chief. “Take off your armor!”

What?” The Chief recoils.

The R.A. is unfazed. She applies herself in force to the Chief, wrapping her arms around her huge gauntlet to pry it off. “Your mask, your pauldrons, all of it!”

The barrel of the Chief’s gun falters as she tries to hold the woman at bay. “Have you lost your mind?”

Just then, something crashes into the freight container. The doors buckle under the force of impact. Chief pushes the R.A. behind her protectively, and trains her gun on the doors.

The R.A. struggles under her iron grip. “Just—Trust me, please!”

Another blow. The doors bend and warp, screws popping out of the handle frames. They don’t look like they’ll last much longer. The R.A. slips out from the Chief’s grasp, and rushes forward.]

Armor, pg. 4

May 7, 2022

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Dress down... you know, for tactical reasons... aha...