Content Warning:

Blood and gore.

Armor, pg. 2

[Long description: The deer-monster lists there, for a moment, with their jaw unhinged from their mangled skull. Smoke wafts from the bullet holes. Suddenly, bundles of tendons and muscle burst forth from the holes, knitting together the monster’s injuries.

They bring their great head down as their skull reforms, and their senses return to them. But their enemies are nowhere to be found. Before the beast can see them, the Chief pushes the R.A. into an old, rusted freight container. It takes great effort to drag the doors shut behind them.

The monster notices motion in their peripheries. The desiccated skeleton of a soldier lies near the container, body half-buried in ash. The monster lunges at it, crushing bones and armor alike between its jaws. As the Chief closes the freight container’s doors, the R.A. catches a glimpse of the monster—and the cog-shaped emblem of the Empire in its teeth.]

Armor, pg. 2

May 7, 2022

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