Armor, pg. 11

[Long description: The answer doesn’t seem to satisfy either of them. The Chief just watches the deer-monster as they wander away out-of-frame.

The R.A. gets up. She brings the flag with her.

“Here,” She says.

The Chief glances up at her. Suddenly, the R.A. hoists the flag up and over the Chief’s head. She beats it out like she’s laying down a picnic blanket. It billows out, and then settles around the Chief’s shoulders like a shawl.

The R.A. smiles diplomatically behind her mask. “Apparently I don’t smell like an Imperial, yet, so you probably need this more than I do.”

The Chief just stares at the woman as she walks away, as if nothing had happened. It’s hard to say what the Chief is feeling, but it’s probably equal parts intrigue and insult.]

Armor, pg. 11

May 7, 2022

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