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Armor, pg. 10

[Long description: The frame returns to the Chief and the R.A. resting in the freight container. In the distance, the deer-monster wanders away.

“Some of the…” The R.A. begins. She looks over at the silhouette of the deer-monster, indicating them with a tilt of her head. “They still remember it, you know.”

The frame cuts to the deer-monster, holding the broken emblem of the Empire in their claws.

The R.A. glances over at the Chief’s armor, still lying in a heap on the floor. “So I think wearing that armor is like—”

“Like what?” The Chief folds her arms, frowning hard.

The R.A. glances away. She tries to speak delicately. “Well… Let’s just say the uniforms haven’t changed much since those days.”]

Armor, pg. 10

May 7, 2022

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