Content Warning:

Blood and gore.

Armor, pg. 1

[Long description: The comic opens with the Chief, a futuristic soldier in power armor, firing a heavy bayonet-like handgun at an unseen figure. The bullets rip harmlessly through its tattered rags. The action catches the attention of the Chief’s partner, a scrappy little research assistant wielding a pistol.

In the next panel, the figure leaps into frame and clamps its enormous jaws around the barrel of the Chief’s gun. It’s hard to make out their murky silhouette, but they appear to be a huge, cloaked monster with a deer skull masking their face.

Chief pulls the trigger. The blast tears through the monster’s jaw as she plunges the bayonet in after it. When she pulls the blade back out, all that’s left of their head is a mutilated stump.]

Armor, pg. 1

May 7, 2022

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A 12-page comic about two brave soldiers of the Empire prevailing over the beasts of an irradiated wasteland! …Or so they want you to believe, anyway. Even a vat-grown supersoldier runs into trouble and needs bailing out sometimes.

Man. Been a while since I’ve gone this ballistic on comics. At some point I Am gonna need someone to stop me.