Content Warning: Needles, animal experimentation.

old friends sparkledog sanctuary

[Long description: A sketch page of a hardened ex-government researcher-turned-rescuer, Vashti. She's hard-faced and hard-eyed, with her silvery greys tied up in a tired bun. Her profile reads:

  • Runs a rescue/sanctuary for failed science experiments (i.e. colordogs)
  • Probably an ex-gov researcher
  • Dry + seemingly callous but kindhearted
  • Acquired immunity to 46 (and counting) novel venoms

In the rest of the spread, Vashti wrangles sparkledogs of all stripes for vaccinations, rescue, and dinner time. They're a colorful lot!]

old friends sparkledog sanctuary

March 23, 2021

Silly one-off idea I had no business acting on. You get to look at it now! I don't make the rules!