[Long description: Sketchsheets of Redmond, Jesse, and co.

The left includes drafts of Jesse's adoptive child, a gloomy little cowpoke who conceals their changeling heritage, and thus has a strained relationship with the reverend. One such exchange is enclosed, where the kid yells “At least people treat me like a normal person around Ms. Faraday! At least she's not a freak like you!” at Jesse, who is uncharacteristically shaken.

The reverend later consults Redmond over a drink, tenderly touching her horns;

Jesse: ... Should I get rid of--?

Redmond: No.

The right includes domestic doodles of Redmond and Jesse snoozing, mostly; Also enclosed is a vignette in which the reverend travels into the woods to meet with the false coyote and a little gathering of other nature spirits. Redmond watches in secret, armed with scripture and a gun.]

May 16, 2019

The reverend never verbally acknowledges the existence of her horns or tail, so you're just gonna have to assume she was about to ask whether or not to bring the festival lights down from the church.

Anyway. Back at it again. Been trying to develop Jesse's adoptive kiddo, among other things. I think they're a little changeling kid who's tired of living in their mom's shadow. Jesse is well-loved by the town, but whether the parishioners choose to acknowledge the, uh, (horns gesture) or not, there is a certain amount of othering and lots of high expectations that end up spilling onto the kid, no matter how good a mom the reverend tries to be.

Enter Redmond, who immediately gets herself on thin ice with the town and develops a “lone wolf” kind of image that the kid thinks is just The Coolest, and you've got a “Holy shit! Two moms!” kind of scenario. Unfortunately for them, Redmond isn't above furthering the divide between the kid and the woman she thinks is literally Fantasy Satan, or using her good graces with them to get at the reverend. At least, not at first :^[

What else... I've been leaning on either Sam Hill or Hell's Gate for the name of the town, because Jesse is Very Slick. I think there would be an almost literal gate to the desert not far outside of town, where the wild folk live. No mortal men pass through there if they want to come back sound of mind or body, but Jesse makes her inexplicable pilgrimages through it every night. It irritates Redmond so much she finally decides to follow.

I think that's all I've got. There's past writing on these two here, here and here, if you're not familiar with them.