knock knock

[Long description: A compilation of Hummingbird, Rook, and the False Coyote draws.

The first is a short sequence. Rook and the Hummingbird have the False Coyote locked out of a little adobe pithouse. The False Coyote knocks nervously at the ocotillo door.

The False Coyote: Rook? It's considered impolite to lock a woman out of the house.

Hahaha... Really, you two. I'm sorry about what happened earlier, but this is a little extreme, don't you think?

… Are you listening?

Rook holds the Hummingbird close.

Rook: Don't open it.

The False Coyote continues, knocking more and more feverishly at the door.

The False Coyote: Please... I really, really can't be alone right now...

Rook: No matter what she says...

Rook squeezes the Hummingbird's hand. Tears start to spill out from behind the Hummingbird's mask.

The False Coyote: It... It hurts, Rook...

It hurts... It hurts... it hurts it hurts it hurts--

The sound of the False Coyote's fervid pleas becomes indistinguishable from the cracking of bone and tendon, and the knocking at the door.

Rook: … Don't open it.

The second is a sketch sheet, mostly the False Coyote being a menace while I figure out the ribbony tendrils that constitute her body when it decays into a different shape. In one doodle, she ensnares Rook in her mess of arm.

The False Coyote: Rooook!! ❤️

In another, the Hummingbird reprimands the False Coyote in her more formidable shape.

The Hummingbird: Get off the floor! You're being a menace!

The False Coyote: I usually am, dear.]

May 14, 2019

And these guys. Putting these together because I don't know where else to put them.

I like to think one of the major decisions you'd make in the hypothetical horror dating sim these guys are in is when you (the Hummingbird) and Rook lock the False Coyote out of your little saferoom, and the path forward is determined by if / when you decide to let her in.

I wrote out a list of possibilités. (I used to do this a lot when i was a kid full of video game ideas, hah)

  • Betray Rook's trust and immediately let the False Coyote in, who's just a little shaken up about it but not any worse for wear. The False Coyote Will Now Die For You, etc.
  • Trust Rook and don't open the door, which puts off a potential encounter with the Coyote. this greatly strengthens your bond with Rook, but deeply hurts the False Coyote
  • Cautiously wait until the False Coyote begins to apologize, and then let her in.
    • This triggers another branching encounter where the False Coyote stumbles into the room, struggling to keep a coherent shape. Rook takes aim at her. you can either stop Rook and try to calm the False Coyote down, or let Rook take a whack at her.
    • both Rook and the False Coyote are much more sympathetic to you having a moment of weakness than if you were to side solely with their rival. It's possible to maintain your relationship with both of them this way.
    • If you successfully calm the False Coyote down, you can bond with her; Rook will also recognize how “pathetic” the False Coyote is and begin to sympathize with her on that level. It's possible to set them up later on if you can chip away at their hostility.
    • If you let Rook take a whack at her, the False Coyote won't have any hard feelings towards you later, but your relationship won't have as great a gain as if you calmed her down or immediately sided with her.
  • Wait a little too long before letting her in. Coyote Time.

I think that's all I've got for now. I introduced these lads here, if you are not familiar with them.