Jesse sketches

[Long description: A sketch page of Jesse Cauldwell, a perfectly normal reverend who is not the devil.]

“Lord forgive me for what I’m about to say, but I wish you knew when to shut up.” The barkeep slams the glass down with such force that Inquisitor Faraday starts.

“Excuse me?” She rises.

“Take a good look around you. Tell me what you see.”

Faraday scarcely casts a backwards glance at the saloon. “A town too sick with sin to see the devil at the pulpit, even when she throws off her galero and lets the little ones play horseshoes with her horns.”

Faraday indicates her forehead for effect. The barkeep simply shakes her head. “You just don’t get it, do you?”

“No,” The Inquisitor lurches over the counter, unsteady with scotch. “You know what? No, I don’t. But I know what she is, and–”

“And so do we.” There’s such silent ferocity in the barkeep’s eyes that Faraday physically recoils, but the woman doesn’t stop.

“We’re not stupid. Every last motherfucker in this town is damned. We know that. We know the reverend gets up on the stand and tells us pretty little lies about grace and being good people. But for God’s sake, miss Faraday, learn to let sleeping dogs lie. We got enough to deal with as it is, without people like you stirring up trouble.”

January 12, 2019

I’m thinking about her again >:^{ She and the Inquisitor have names now– Jesse Cauldwell and Redmond Faraday. made with lots and lots of every variation of Vagrant Song from Where the Water Tastes like Wine