[Long description: An upstanding demon noble, dressed to the nines with an earthy waistcoat and an ivory-peach jacket slung casually over their shoulder. Their shoulders are adorned with rose-gold epaulettes, with matching gilding for their prosthetic leg. Their horns are bull-like, with a slick pompadour between them, and in their hands they hold a riding crop.

They look terse, but a certain softness betrays them when they're asked;

“A riding crop! What do you ride?”

They immediately shoot down the notion, and bashfully touch their chin as they think about that.

“Oh, I don't ride. I'm usually the one being ridden, actually." ]

July 10, 2019

Now presenting: chivalry........... 2

This is Dahlia, my friend Marn's character! We were bouncing ideas for a little design trade, and not even God could stop me from jumping on "Butch Lesbian Demon who is Extremely Chivalrous" :'^D

Their story is too cute, and it was a real honor to be able to design around it. Marn's cadre of angels and demons hold a special place in my heart-- check out Hearts Goetia, a hell politics simulator / demon dating sim to get a taste of that.