Jesse Cauldwell

[Long description: Jesse Cauldwell, the reverend. She’s a scruffy beanpole with horns and a banjo, and she’s having a fantastic time.]

July 21, 2018

the new reverend is a little weird, but we love and support her all the same.

Marn designed this upstanding little fellow who i love:

Jesse's original design, by Marn. She's a little more clean-cut and slick, with fun eyes.

She’s the reverend to a small town of castaways, exiles, untouchables and ex-cons. Everybody has a tacit understanding that she’s (horns gesture) but she’s such a woman of community that nobody talks about it. This unspoken agreement becomes so ingrained in the town’s culture that folks start barfights with strangers that Just Don’t Get It over her good name.

But not even the town really knows what or who she is– a trickster entity, a dedicated theatre major, the devil. She just blew into town one day and spoke the word so well that folks have been flocking to the dilapidated chapel ever since. It helps that she’s done so much to improve things, and every one of her church songs is what the kids call a club banger.

her congregation caught the eye of an inquisitor who blew through town recently, and so she’s in a secret on-again off-again desk romance with her politely abiding investigation and cautiously waiting for the right time to invite the inquisitor in to collaborate.

he/him and she/her are both ok for her; she’s a woman but she does not care one way or another when folks use traditionally masculine terms with her.