wild oats

[Long Description: A painting of the desert grasslands of Perry Mesa. The mesa top is a rolling field of amber-white grass, mostly invasive wild oats (Avena fatua). The odd juniper or mesquite pokes their head through the grass here and there. A footpath has matted down the oats in some places, weaving between black basalt boulders and ambling into the horizon. Nobody of import stands on one of the rocks, watching something through her binoculars.]

wild oats

March 13, 2021

This is a paintover/composite of two photos my mom took of me at some point, lol.

Self-representations are very hard for me, I don’t like to share my likeness online and I haven’t felt a need for a stand-in persona in years. It's not so much a self-esteem thing as it is a safety precaution, and a consequence of being a guy who contains a gaggle of other, more expressive guys. Doesn’t help that I put myself through mental gymnastics over the ethics of making yourself the center of the composition in a place that is the center of your composition. (Which is a judgement I would never apply to anyone else, fwiw :^| )

But duty called for this portrait, so. It’s a me! At one of the places that changed my life for the better, Perry Mesa. Also featuring my fellow weeds, wild oats (Avena fatua) and some nonweeds, juniper and mesquite. Find me in the dirt about it.