Content Warning:

Blood, wartime imagery.

the body remembers

[Long description: The Chief, in full power armor, walking the streets somewhere. She looks up at a wall, which is plastered with anti-imperial leaflets. They are simple and graphical, block-printed in black, white, and red.

One leaflet depicts the stylized Valkyrie helmets that are worn by Chief’s company. It is split down the middle and bleeding profusely. The text reads ‘REMEMBER THE DAY, FOR THEY WILL NOT.’

Another depicts a silhouetted figure. Only their eye is visible, which weeps blood. The tear streak splits the composition down the middle, sort of like the other leaflet. The background is further divided into a red maze of wires, and a blank white plane. The figure holds up their hand, which is stained with blood, or perhaps they are holding something bloody. The text reads ‘THE BODY REMEMBERS WHAT THE MIND FORGOT.’]

the body remembers

May 1, 2023

Many thoughts, brain is a scrambled egg. Maybe you will get the essay at some point, but not right now u_u