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Vaguely suggestive.

something something stringing along

[Long description: A little comic? Storyboard? rendered as choppy gif. Frey stands on the mudguard of a formidable tank, sticking her head inside some sort of vent. She has both arms in the guts of the thing and is rooting around. Behind her, a red tendril of wires and threads starts to snake up her leg. She doesn’t notice until it wraps itself around her arm, at which point she pulls her head out of the vent and side-eyes it. She brushes it off without a second thought, before returning to work.

The tendril stops and hovers in the air, as if to think. Then, it sneaks up her back and slips under her tank top. Frey blinks as the thread crawls up her chest and delicately emerges from her collar. She yanks it out from under her shirt and tersely wraps it around her fist, so it can’t cause any more mischief.

She tries to get back to work, but another thread appears, tapping her on her shoulder. She turns around to look. While she’s distracted, a third thread yoinks a steel nut from her. She blanches, and scrambles to retrieve the nut before it can get away.

Fed up with their antics, she gathers the threads up in her fist and yanks hard on them. A loud crash comes from off-screen. The frame pulls out, to reveal the Oracle of Caeres face-down on the floor, the threads coming from his biomechanically augmented hair. Frey squints at him, and says “Do you mind?” The Oracle just looks up at her, punch-drunk and infatuated.]

something something stringing along

May 1, 2023

Couldn’t decide which way to present this. more gay people antics.


Frey standing around, maybe on public transit or something. Tied around her pinky finger is one of the Oracle’s red strings of fate.