visit to the monastery

[Long description: Research assistant Reyes sitting on a stone bench, in a monastery courtyard. A nun joins her, saying "You're Lysimachia's 'special friend,' aren't you?"

The nun continues, cradling her own face bashfully. "That's soooo romantic, like being on a first-name basis with an angel ♥" Reyes looks dubious at best about this.

Reyes hums, watching as one Irene Lysimachia Isidoros gets down on her knees, completely transfixed by a weird bug crawling up the courtyard walls. ]


[Long description: The Sibyl having a good laugh with one of the nuns, as they clean up some dishes. The Chief, Reyes, and the ex-Sibyl watch the two of them in the foreground. Chief comments 'She's a completely different person when she deals with humans, isn't she?' to which the ex-Sibyl responds 'yah ♥'

The ex-Sibyl fiddles with her soup spoon, completely enamored with the Sibyl. Reyes makes a face and asks 'Are you. Not humans?' to which the Chief asides 'technically we're considered metahumans.'

The ex-Sibyl continues, sighing dreamily. 'Isn't it cute? You know she took that vow of silence so seriously... but it's the one rule she lets herself bend.'

Reyes leaps up in her seat and shouts 'YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO TALK TO OTHER PEOPLE???' to which the Chief explains, perhaps more calmly than she should, 'Technically we’re only permitted to associate within the ranks, but not with monastery personnel or other commoners, except when strictly necessary.' The ex-Sibyl continues daydreaming, unfazed.]

visit to the monastery

May 1, 2023