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Sexual themes, messy relationships.

messy messy, pg. 2

[Long description: Frey falls into a sit with a ‘whumph,’ watching the Oracle as he goes. She throws her arm over the crown of her chair and crosses her legs.

The Oracle moves to his boudoir and opens its doors. “Perhaps your rugged je ne sais quoi has charmed me,” he says.

Frey doesn’t seem convinced. She studies the floorboards as she thinks.

“Or…” The Oracle continues. Frey closes her eyes. A memory washes over the scene.

In it, Frey is hellfire and steel like the planet-manufactory she came from. She grabs the Oracle by the neck and pins her against a wall, brandishing a shiv at her. She is furious, but the Oracle just lids her eyes and gazes calmly at her, glasses askew. The Oracle continues narrating over the memory. “Perhaps I am an evil human being, and I am exploiting your emotions to further my own ends.”

The memory shifts and changes. Frey and the Oracle are still in the same pose–one atop the other–but Frey shivers. She slumps over, limbs heavy and struggling to support her against the wall. The Oracle rises, slightly, smiling placidly as she guides Frey in her lap. Her gloved hand rides up Frey’s chest, shirt bunching up around it as she goes.

The Oracle continues. “Perhaps I am satisfying a base impulse, and you are merely an amusement.”

The Oracle closes the boudoir with a ‘click.’ Frey jolts out of her thoughts. She watches as the Oracle returns, and kneels down in front of her. ]

messy messy, pg. 2

April 1, 2023

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is there going to be a quiz at the end sir