you guys got love down there

[Long description: Some gorgonopsid-lookin’ Chiefs and Reyes, all tied to water somehow. There’s scribbles of Reyes in a heavy and claustrophobic Imperial diving suit, having a tense encounter with a certain someone in deep water. And a less tense encounter at the surface. Chief is somehow softened by being a mysterious silhouette moving through the water.]

you guys got love down there

September 19, 2022

I watched a playthrough of Iron Lung and had to draw Sinuk and the Chief to cope. Sinuk’s not in this compilation because she’s from a different story entirely, but spiritually she’s banging on the outside of the submarine and waving at you.

Safety suits like spacesuits and diving suits are hard to design… one that I really enjoy is the RIG from the first Dead Space game, with its bulky build and uncanny bone-like armor. (my enjoyment of Dead Space itself is another matter entirely, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Deep ocean horror doesn’t usually do a whole lot for me when it’s lingering on whatever’s already known to be down there, given that deep ocean critters are just like… little dudes with glass bones and paper skin. Still, there is something to be said for being in an enclosed space surrounded by habitat that is decidedly Not Safe For Humans. I have had a not-insignificant number of nightmares that weren’t scary per se, but intense, and that intensity hinged on feeling heavy, enclosed, trapped, or like every movement was like walking through mud. Something about these big bulky suits and shitty tin can submarines scratches an itch in my brain.

So we do a dating sim au about it!