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[Long description: A scribbly comic of the Chief and Markus Severinus, from a different time. Markus is wine drunk and as bubbly as can be, to the chagrin of his bodyguard-in-Chief. She escorts him away from the action and sits him down so he can sober up. Markus just clings to her arm like a wet paper bag, giggling the whole way.

He manages to say “I must look preddy schtupid right now,” before burying his face in the Chief’s shoulder and laughing.

He looks up at her, a little woozy. “Have you ever felt thaa-at? Someone who makes you feel—hic—fffeel stupid?”

The Chief looks to be about this close to flicking him off her arm like a bug. “You’re making me look and feel pretty stupid.”

Markus falls silent and stares up at her through huge puppy eyes. The Chief doesn’t understand what she said to elicit such a reaction.]


September 19, 2022

Peek into Markus and the Chief’s working relationship.

Markus hand-picked the Chief to serve as what was essentially his glorified bodyguard, which took her out of active duty and made her very very very very resentful of the Archive, among other things. Going from the fields of war to the esoteric powergames of the Archive, it really felt like a babysitting gig 97% of the time, with the remaining 3% consisting of life-threatening emergencies that could result in her immediate execution if she doesn’t keep Markus alive. It didn’t help that his theatrics mixed with her stiff pragmatism like oil and water.

Ironically, Markus wasn’t even the worst of them— Chief got more than her fill of awful people who use everyone around them as disposable wargame pieces. Eventually, she and Markus figure out they have a lot more in common than they realize.