Content Warning:

Eye injury.


[Long description: A page of off-hand scribbles. Chiefs and Reyes and MarkOSes and Markuses.

Notably, there’s Reyes sitting triumphantly on a gorgonopsid-lookin’ Chief’s stomach, gorgonopsid Chief laying on Reyes like a weighted blanket (if a weighted blanket was the size of a horse), MarkOS wrapped in a bathrobe with cucumbers on his eyes where his goggle lenses should be, a self-aggrandizing portrait of the late Markus Severinus, MarkOS and Reyes gossip, and MarkOS finding a bit of common ground with the Chief, as two people who have gone through physical transformations as well as mental ones.

There’s also a scribble of MarkOS looking certifiably deranged. He bares his face and points an accusatory finger at the camera, laughing unhingedly. Meanwhile blood weeps from his left eye, where the cybernetics have been torn out.]


September 19, 2022

(Fart noises) misc. stuff from the past couple of months. Reyes saying “You mean the fucking car?” is referential, and MarkOS having a normal one is just typical Mountain Goats behavior.