Content Warning:

Blood, gore.

i guess theyre letting anyone in here these days

[Long description: Research assistant Reyes bobs and weaves through the Doctor’s lab. Reyes is a scrappy-looking woman wearing an oversized military coat, with her hair tied up in a ponytail. She might be tall in regular company, but as she books it past the Doctor, she’s dwarfed by the woman’s crooked, looming frame. The Doctor is concealed toe to tip by a skull-like mask, a large hood, and several layers of red robes. What little of her body is shown is heavily augmented with mechanical tendrils and wires.

Across from the Doctor is MarkOS, another funny little hooded cyborg. Judging from the Doc’s bloody talons and the exposed cavity of his chest, he’s in the middle of having his ribs cracked for some sort of impromptu operation. The two of them just look over at Reyes as she passes, indifferent.]

i guess theyre letting anyone in here these days

November 6, 2022

Reyes the greenhorn meets her new boss in passing; realizes she’s in over her head.

I’m sick ): so I color the lineart and I take the naps. Ironically this was already sketched and lined and ready to go two months ago, I just didn’t have time to finish it until now. Take breaks or your body will take them for you.