Content warnings:
Blood, injury, nudity, sexual themes

Hard, pg. 1

[Long description: A long comic strip. The first panel shows the Sibyl naked, on her hands and knees, looking down at something just out-of-view that is causing her a great deal of consternation.

In the next panel, it’s revealed to be That Woman, e.g. the ex-Sibyl. She reclines underneath the Sibyl, grinning coyly, and is also naked. “Nervous?” She asks.

The Sibyl sweats bullets. That’s all the prompting she needs. She blurts out “I’ve never been with a woman. Or an aberration.”

The ex-Sibyl says “thanks” as a passing comment, but her rival/nemesis/partner doesn’t notice.

The Sibyl continues. “… Or anyone. At all. Ever.”

“Oh, honey,” The ex-Sibyl croons, sliding her claws up the Sibyl’s arm. She reaches up and cups her cheek tenderly. “You really took all those vows to heart?”

The Sibyl squeezes her eyes shut and leans into her touch. She says, in a small voice, “It was really hard.”

The ex-Sibyl hums in response, stroking her cheek. “I know.”

The tender moment quickly ends as she leans back, grinning a shit-eating grin. “Want me to make it harder?”

“Fuck you. I’ll kill you.” The Sibyl spits, scowling and pointing an accusatory finger at her chest.

The Sibyl pauses. She seems to remember the compromising position she and the ex-Sibyl are in.

“… Yes,” The Sibyl admits, under her breath. The ex-Sibyl grins a huge, toothy grin and flirtatiously runs her claws up the Sibyl’s arms again, cackling the whole way.]

Hard, pg. 1

December 9, 2022

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A 2-page comic about the Sibyls, funny wrestling, blasphemy, women, being gay, and leaving the imperial death cult, among other things.

… no they still don’t have names. I would like to say I’m working on it, but I’m not.