Chief + the R.A.

Two women traveling an irradiated hellscape in the far, far future, and learning about things like love and restoration ecology and dodging the draft. This could technically be considered Warhammer 40k fanwork if you squint, but only if you count "1ore channeling her inner 9 year old girl, who'd act out elaborate adventure stories using her brother's copy of WH40K: Dawn of War" as fanwork.

Not currently tied to anything else, but it got too big for my "Other Art" page, so now it lives here. You can read a general introduction to the show here.



A ~40 minute visual novel / piece of interactive fiction about doing some things that you really, really don’t want to do.


A 13-page comic about the Chief getting overstimulated and transforming at a deeply inopportune time, or: The Mortifying Ordeal of Being Known.

Content Warning: Blood, injury, sexual themes, some consent talk (along the lines of making a mistake and talking to your partner about it.)


A 12-page comic about two brave soldiers of the Empire prevailing over the beasts of an irradiated wasteland! …Or so they want you to believe, anyway. Even a vat-grown supersoldier runs into trouble and needs bailing out sometimes.

Content Warning: Depictions of gore, blood, and the fallout of war.


The R.A. gets stuck in a locked room with both of her bosses. There are some... managerial disputes. Or: “sorry for getting you written up! I am so stressed out I am going to throw up. Also I have developed feelings for you.”

Content Warning: Depictions of war, microaggressions against a fictional class of people, abuse of power, mind control (i.e. there’s a robot guy who’s used as a cellphone against his best interests.)


A short comic about being nearsighted, among other things. Content Warning: needles, eye injury.


A 2-page comic about the Sibyls, funny wrestling, blasphemy, women, being gay, and leaving the imperial death cult... among other things.

messy messy

A 4-page comic about Frey and the Oracle of Caeres, and talking through your feelings in the most ass-backwards way possible.


Odds and ends.