Other Works

I have some personal works that don't quite fall under Moribund's scope, as well as transformative works for fiction I enjoy. They live here.

Art from Life

If it hasn't become painfully apparent already: The deserts of the Southwest United States are very close to my heart. I also think art is a powerful tool for self-improvement, and lends itself equally well to education. To this end I use it to teach myself about naturalism and the Southwest, and in the process, I hope that I can help others share in the significance of a desert, too. You can view such works here.

The Elder Scrolls Fanwork

The Elder Scrolls series has been with me since I was yea high, and is-- if Moribund is any indicator-- something that has impressed on me greatly when it comes to putting together worlds and stories.

Most of my works with TES are centered on the mundane. I like to fill in the tiny, domestic gaps between apocalypse scenarios, and explore bits of lore that never live to see a polished game. Ask me about what happened to all the low-ranking members of the Sixth House after Dagoth Ur and his heart wights died. (Don't do that.)

Most of this happens through the lens of my, like, 30 TES fancharacters. You can view my TES fanwork here.