High Asthaom

I am not sure how to put this in your words… High Asthaom is a desert, yes. Water is not our major export. But to “desert” is to leave behind your absence, yea? We are not the things that we left behind. The desert provided in the days of our ancestors, and it provides for us now. Consider it this way: what do you lose in the rain? In the river? What possibilities surface in their absence?

Two peoples steward the region today: The Sarikote in the West and the Akiat Diaspora in the East. Asthaom is also the ancestral homeland of other members of the Diasporas, who scattered from the area in prehistory.

This is high desert, my friend, and there is none more loving in this world that I know of.

Len and Sentin coaxing a caribou into the waters, as they ford a daughter river of the greater Sonderoan. Heavy rain showers them from above.