Moribund Characters

All of the major characters in Moribund. Read the Moribund primer for a greater idea of what their stories are like.

Characters are linked to their respective tags on my blog, where you can find more art of them. Some have full profiles where you can read more about them and view their art all in one place. More to come soon...

"…A recurve bow, with Balki and the southernmost shield making up the limbs, and the Forlorn, surrounded by inland sea, the brace..."

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Brun Nakamura

She/her ◆ Finest Sharpshot in the Known Universe (Former)

Yeah. She’s my sister. Yes, that Brun. No, we’re not on speaking terms. Look– are you gonna buy my EP or not?

Brun is the founder of high Asthaom’s notorious Condign Cartel. She carved a bloody warpath through the desert in search of condign dye, a holy pigment distilled from the blood of a dead god. But what ultimately committed her to history was her legendary skill as a sharpshooter– The best in the known universe.

Brun was later expelled from the cartel, and turned herself in for reasons she refuses to disclose. She is currently serving a rehabilitative sentence in Normunt as a Justiciar-in-training, tirelessly hunting her former accomplices.


She/her ◆ Captain of the Condign Cartel

Oh, god.

Darrow is Brun’s ex, and the current captain of the Condign Cartel. She’s quick on the tongue and quicker on the draw, and is very talented when it comes to getting other people to do what she wants them to.

Darrow refuses to talk about the particulars of Brun’s exit from the cartel, or the nature of their relationship. What matters to her now is that the cartel runs like a well-oiled machine.

Malakai Nakamura

He/him ◆ Mercasian Synthpop

You know what? I take it back. If you buy my EP I’ll tell you everything.

Malakai is a musician based out of Mercasor. He’s a sedate young man, with a quirky and sardonic sense of humor. He’s also Brun’s brother, a fact which he refuses to elaborate on because he cut off all contact with her years ago.


Sinuk Vauntariaq was a doctor.


She/her ◆ Storm Bird

Old Mora is the legendary wayfinder of the Ser diaspora. She helped her kin navigate the ocean black when they were expelled from Satikke, and upon her death, achieved apotheosis so that she might shield them from the raging sea and see them to safety. Although she is a hero to Mercasor, the rest of the world associates her with death, where her arrivals always predate disaster.


They/them ◆ Grey Eminence

Io is thought of as the architect of metaphysics in Mercasor. In times of old they authored canting, a language of magic that they could use to safely instruct the world’s first mages. Nowadays, they’re the beloved grey eminence behind Normunt that has tended it beyond mortal years— though their only official office is in administering its order of social workers and oath-keepers, the Justiciars.

"…But the eternal storm, that absent north from which no man has returned, surely challenges our notions of a loving world. God save the fool who sails to Basedt..."

Morgan (Prisoner)

He/him ◆ Sauntiaq

No, you don’t have to dance around it. It’s a weird name. When I first came to Mercasor, I didn’t know a lick of Ser-form Satik. Tried to explain to them that I was Basedti, that I was a prisoner of the Stormwall. Turns out the word for ‘prisoner’ is the same in every form of Satik. It stuck.

Morgan is a warm man, and a storyteller in his heart of hearts. But growing up behind the Stormwall has taken many things from him– his father, his mother’s heart, friends and family armed to the teeth with steel that he forged, but which failed to protect them from the hellish ash tundra. It's been nearly 20 years since he became the first Basedti refugee to escape the terrestrial maelstrom, but a tender grief still ghosts the man in all of his affairs.


He/him ◆ White Ghost

He's been good to me.

There are few things that the people of Basedt cannot find words for; a hundred years locked in bloody combat with the terrestrial maelstrom has given them plenty of time to grapple with the realities of the world they inherit. But there is one face of the ash tundra that defies definition, and can only seem to be described in hushed tones and fearful glances: The White Ghost.

He is a wrathful spirit in one story, a wayward Basedti in the next, and sometimes even the great beast of all men himself. Few can say for certain where he came from or who he is. Even fewer have encountered him, and returned to tell the tale.


He/him ◆ God from the disease

The great beast of all men. The sauntiaq. God from the disease. What is there to tell? He makes me heartsick.

Cinte is the true name of the wrathful prince that plunged Basedt into a hundred-year terrestrial maelstrom. He is said to have once been a kind-hearted young man with a strong sense of justice, but the Basedti crown is a heavy thing to inherit, and its politics are cutthroat and unforgiving. Years of grooming twisted his spirit and rotted his heart. He came to resent the crown and the people it ostensibly served.

When the day of his coronation arrived, this resentment boiled into a rage so great that Cinte is said to have achieved apotheosis. Every injury born on him by the monarchy came down on Basedt thousand-fold. He razed the city, scattering his own bones across the ash tundra, and imprisoning its people within the walls of an eternal storm.

"…No people are more cursed than the Asthlander..."


She/her ◆ Roaming River

The river Roan. What is there to say about her that hasn’t been said already? Did you know she once tried to burn the spines off a prickly pear tuna, and it stuck her full of needles? She could say she’ll lay the Scaiuq mountain range flat so that we might pass over it easier, and I would believe her wholeheartedly.

Roan is a hero of myth to high Asthaom. She authored its river, circumvented its only war, and birthed magic into the world. The Akiat diaspora considers her a fragment, aspect, or even a reincarnation of their late saint Lex, although she is ambivalent at best about this. She has withdrawn from history many times, but inevitably returns when something must be done and she must be the one to do it.

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Dai Hei

He/him ◆ First Exarc

Your favourite song. Sunlight dappled off the face of the river. Rainwater dusting a creosote bush. Is he sentimental? Yes. But there are few men who have known such grief, and fewer still who could so deftly bring you to your knees in laughter and in tears.

What did you expect…? He’s my ex.

Dai Hei was once Motu’s most esteemed Lexarc, and was the first and last to leave the god’s service. His departure struck a decisive blow in the frenetic devotion of his colleagues, but came at such great personal cost it could not be called a willing one. He has since retired to a quiet life of music, badly tempered by his hand in the war.

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He/him ◆ Beast Out of the East

You’d do well to remember that, despite our best efforts, the world embellishes our… Ah… Competencies. But not Len’s. I can tell you now that whatever you’ve heard about him is true. Even the part about eating god.

Especially the part about eating god.

Len is Scaiuq’s thoroughly esteemed and thoroughly de-facto chief of defense, who led the resistance when the tyrant-god Motu marched on Scaiuq. He and his Sentinels share a common history as reformed criminals, and a grim, sardonic demeanor as the survivors of Asthaom’s only war. Len has since stepped down from office, but continues to spend much of his time counciling his fellows and guiding the Sentinels as a reconciliatory organization.

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He/him ◆ Blood-Water Poet

I'm a poet. Nobody in particular.

Sadren is a folk hero to high Asthaom, celebrated for his hand in authoring its river and preventing Motu’s war. Once a devoted Lexarc, he betrayed the cause to warn Scaiuq of Motu’s impending campaign, and was made a martyr by the god for his sins. He is at present a prolific poet and songwriter, and a deeply respected figure throughout Asthaom and beyond the ocean black.

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She/her ◆ Mourning Mother

Our mother in arms and in alms. The Stormbreak Quarter. The Wall. For all the raven’s blood that comes down from the sky, she has never once failed us. But isn’t that something? She need only balk once.

Koda is chief to the pantheon of the Akiat diaspora. She was their first guide through the high Asthaom desert, and settled there to grieve the loss of her champion navigators, Lex and Sentin. For many years, she fed the holy city Merike with her blood, and sheltered it from the ocean black’s cruelty– but in her divine fatigue was powerless to stop Motu’s coup. Only after the river is authored does the desert reconcile with Koda, and Koda with the desert.


She/her, They/them, He/him ◆ Exiled God

You’ll know her best by her city, Sond. Merike may pardon you, but Sond… Sond will redeem you. It is a pity we call it Lex’s bleeding heart– and sark, you must know that I love her deeply, but Koda’s mercy is not limitless either. Come to Sentin and she will love you, always, always.

Most of high Asthaom agreed: Sentin was swallowed up by the ocean black as punishment for her crimes against its people. But it wasn’t until she crawled out of the sea many years later, clutching the heart of a dead god, that the truth began to surface. Sentin fled West, taking both the truth and Lex's bleeding heart with her as she hid herself deep beneath the Scaiuq mountain range.

Motu would wage for this heart, the heart of his late daughter. But whether he or the rest of high Asthaom could see the truth for what she was remains a question hotly debated by scholars today.


He/him ◆ Grieving Father

No, I’m sorry. I can’t tell that story. Not here. Not now. Another time, perhaps.

Once the celebrated First Lexarc, Motu guided the Akiat diaspora hand-in-hand with Koda out of deep love for his kin. But the loss of his daughter, Saint Lex, had devastated him beyond recovery. This secret grief festered deep in his heart over many, many long years, and ultimately drove him to fan the flames of hate and xenophobia in his brethren. In one silent coup, Motu stole high Asthaom from itself and launched a bloody campaign against the traitor-of-his-own-design, Sentin.

"…The throat of the Devil herself..."

Redmond Faraday

She/her ◆ Inquisitor

My name is Redmond Faraday. I am an Inquisitor of the Church, and I am marked by the Devil.

At the end of my life I will go to hell. Of this there is no question; I have made my peace...

Redmond Faraday is an inquisitor with the Church. She is a cold-hearted, ruthless enemy of those who would make themselves enemies of god. One might argue she is a cold-hearted, ruthless enemy of most people in general.

In truth, Redmond's cruel streak is rooted in deep personal wounds-- ones which drove her to seek repentance with the Church as young woman...

Jesse Cauldwell

She/her, any pronouns ◆ Reverend

... But until then, I am going to drag every last god-forsaken enemy of the Church with me on my way down.

Jesse Cauldwell (who is not the Devil) formally serves Sam Hill as its reverend. Informally, she's the town's resident solver-of-all-conceivable-human-problems. She likes folk music, tea, and broad-rimmed hats that cast ominous shadows.


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