Moribund Art

A selection of visual art (and a few projects) from Moribund. Click through the thumbnails for full-view, captions, and comments, and navigate between years using the pagination below.

This is, unfortunately, an incomplete gallery. In the future I hope to remedy this, but in the meantime you can find the most complete body of work either at my blog or deviantART gallery.


Made Up Lies and Stupid Daydreams

A comic adapted from the song "Made Up Lies and Stupid Daydreams," by the incomparable June LaLonde. It's about coming to terms with your loneliness and letting yourself feel that way.

Canyon F/Hall

Local musician does the functional equivalent of asking Sadren, the Blood-Water Poet what time forgot, "COLLAB BRO???"

He agrees.

Other Night

A tiny 2-page comic about a latenight call.

Black Hole Soul

A 5-page comic about Sinuk trying to articulate to herself what happened to her in that black hole, sketched in one sitting during an art jam with a friend.