Content Warning: Blood.


[Long Description: Two vignettes of Cinte and Makame settling their differences the only way they know how. In the top spread, Makame foregoes his staff and drives at Cinte’s face with a small bone knife, his legs locked tightly around the Beast’s waist. Cinte is taken aback, talons flying out in surprise.

In the bottom spread, Cinte pins Makame down with his enormous claws. The monk holds out his staff defensively, creating the only space between him and Cinte at such close quarters. ]


March 18, 2022

◀︎ Take me back to the beginning.

◀︎ Take me back to Basedt.

Just goofin’. The early push-pull between these two is intense. I’m not 100% clear on the particulars but it’s kind of a lot to have The Great Beast of All Men himself manifest as a body fever, and then physically as an actual dude.

Some very inconsistent Makames in here, because I was trying to combine an old Darkrai design with my OC Nihil and the way I draw our mans Simon Blackquill. I don’t know how I feel about it. But hey, for now I have one more goof for you ▶︎