Content Warning: Blood, death, cannibalism mention.

on a normal one in the ash tundra page 1

[Long Description: Morgan doesn’t have time to process what Ashe is saying. He’s at the end of his rope, and somehow the guy just keeps going.

Ashe: But don’t misunderstand me. You ate a man’s heart. There is something deeply wrong with you.

Makame folds his arms and rolls his eyes.

Makame: Oh, so murder is fine but this is where the White Ghost draws the line.

Morgan slumps over, reeling. Ashe seems unbothered by Makame’s jab, at first glance, but he averts his eyes a little shamefully.

Morgan gestures at Cinte with outstretched palms and tries to appeal to their last shred of reason.

Morgan: Do you guys think maybe The Great Beast of All Men is angry at humanity because the people around him keep dismembering him?

Cinte considers this, flexing his claws thoughtfully. He looks calm, all things considered.

Cinte: It wasn’t so bad. It was more like a mercy killing, really.

Morgan falls silent in defeat.]

on a normal one in the ash tundra, pg. 2

March 18, 2022

◀︎ Take me back to the beginning.

◀︎ Take me back to the exasperation.

This silly little comic isn’t canon at all, but these guys /do/ meet around the time that Morgan, Ashe, and Cinte smuggle themselves into Basedt and pretend not to be the White Ghost, a sauntiaq, and The Great Beast of All Men. Which comes as quite a surprise for Makame, when his health goes straight to hell and Cinte starts manifesting physically in his house.

Anyways, that's it. Thanks for coming along on this wild ride, and don't put strange hearts you find in the dirt into your mouth(???)