Content Warning: Blood, death, cannibalism mention.

on a normal one in the ash tundra page 1

[Long Description: A shitty little comic of Morgan, Ashe, and Cinte hanging out on a dead log. Cinte and Ashe look relatively unbothered, but Morgan is just about losing his last marble.

Morgan: You ATE his HEART?

Makame sits across from them. There’s blood on his face, hands, and shawl. He glances blearily at the bloodstains and then back up at the lot of them. He looks unwell.

Ashe clears his throat pointedly.

Ashe: It’s hardly the worst thing that’s happened to him. I cut off his head once.

Ashe recalls the memory as an even smaller minimization of himself holding Cinte’s very angry and very decapitated head.]

on a normal one in the ash tundra, pg. 1

March 18, 2022

◀︎ Take me back to the beginning.

◀︎ Take me back to the anguish.

Every day Morgan thinks there is nothing in the ash tundra that can surprise him anymore and every day it proves him wrong ▶︎