Content Warning: Cannibalism, blood, human heart.


[Long Description: Makame gets hopelessly lost. He clutches his stomach, brought to his knees by starvation. There’s no forage or game to be found here, in the black woods. Out beyond the limits of reality and human reason he arrives at an awful ultimatum.

Makame eats the heart.]


March 18, 2022

◀︎ Take me back to the beginning.

Makame succumbs to the law of the tundra: Hunger.

Well, that’s a content warning I never thought I’d have to put on my work. Writing weird myths does that sometimes. I feel like I should make my “statement of human decency” and say that there’s a lot of imagery in Basedt (and Moribund in general) that is morbid, but thematically representative of other things. I’ll let you do the unpacking on “guy eats the heart of another guy that he develops a crush on.”

In the mean time, we make the long journey home ▶︎