Content Warning: Blood, eye injury.

god from the disease

[Long Description: A polished mirror plate propped up on a small floor shrine. It’s framed by incense and a caribou antler. Makame’s reflection is visible in the mirror, and he looks… well… Pretty bad. Strands of stray hairs fly out of out of his messy ponytail. He clutches his wrist over his chest, bleeding from his mouth and left eye. An apparition appears behind him in the reflection, hovering in the doorway.]

god from the disease

March 18, 2022

◀︎ Take me back to the beginning.

◀︎ Take me back to the woods.

Makame does make it back to Basedt alive. But as you can imagine, consuming the heart of a dead god does bad things to your body. It doesn’t help when the Great Beast starts showing up in your nightmares, your dreams, your peripheries, and eventually your waking life.

It turns out Cinte is a lot nicer in-person than meets the eye, but that’s neither here nor there ▶︎