Rogue Wave

[Long Description: A windsurfer sailing out on the wrathful ocean black. A storm scrapes its belly over the sky, kicking up a huge wave overhead. Beneath the surface of the wave, the monstrous storm bird swims as if flying through the water.]

Rogue Wave

January 19, 2021

I came into a lot of brushes recently, and have been sitting on some that look like killer fun to use but intimidate me *greatly.* these impasto guys are one of them 😬 I’m not used to paying attention to my strokes.

Still, made for a fun painting… I like to picture this as an early Xanti refugee’s oil painting of typical Mercasor. So, a painting from the perspective of somebody who is not yet “at home” at the island, living with one foot in the ship and one on shore, rose-tinted glasses on, but also off because Terra Incognita Scary etc. It’s not how I usually portray the area (that’s home!) so it was a fun challenge.

Nevermind the temporal disagreement with who’s probably in that windsurfer.


Song is "Through Mountains" by the incomparable June Lalonde.